Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trip to Washington

I know it has been a really long time since I've blogged. I've been especially bad about my trip to Washington! It was a lot of fun and I've been meaning to blog but we have been really busy lately. First, the day that I got home from Washington, my parents came. They actually picked me up from the airport. Then, the next day I started work at Central Elementary school up in Sugar City. And then Jordan and my dad were going to go hunting on Thursday. My dad got sick and then after they left Jordan got the flu. He drove himself home from up by Tetonia at 1:00 in the morning. He called my phone and woke up me and my mom. Needless to say it was a hard night and it got even worse. I got the flu two days later. Some trip for my parents! My mom spent the weekend taking care of me and Jordan and keeping Shelby occupied.
Anyway, things calmed down for the next week but now Shelby has the flu so I decided to take the day off today to take care of her. She is sitting very still because this is the first time she ate in a while so I do not want puke everywhere. Okay, so on to my trip.
I decided to document every part of my trip so here is my plane from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake.

This is a plane that is hanging over the baggage claim in Seattle. I thought Shelby would like this picture because She loves planes.
Her I am drinking a Seattle's Best hot chocolate. I have to say it was one of the cups of hot chocolate I have ever had. It better be too because we drove a long way to get it!
This house is in the neighborhood where I stayed with Elizabeth and the family she lives with. For all of you Desperate Housewives fans, I felt like I was on Wisteria Lane. Guess who's house this is? It's Mike's of course ( I hope I'm not the only one who got that). Anyway, Jordan said his truck was even in the driveway, I should have knocked on the door to see if he was home.
This is my friend Elizabeth. We went on a walk and she was showing us the place where she had her accident. It was kind of random and she still doesn't know how it happened. She was at the stop sign turning out of her neighborhood and then all of a sudden she was sliding down a 10 foot embankment. I took a picture of the tree that she hit too but I won't post it.
The highlight of my trip for the two of us was going to Forks, Wa! It was a long trip! It took us 2 1/2 hours each way but it was beautiful drive. When we finally got to Forks we saw this sign and we saw a man and a woman taking pictures with it. We stopped and they were nice enough to take our picture with the sign. Then, a car full of girls pulled up and we took their picture. We thought that it was going to be really lame because it's a tiny town (there are less than 2,000 people in this town) but they were really working Twilight! We loved it.

This sign also greeted us when we started into Forks. I don't know if you can read it, it says "Edward Cullen didn't sleep here." We thought it was cute.
Here is Elizabeth with Bella's truck. It's sitting in front of the Chamber of Commerce. They said that someone in town owns the truck and they let them park it there. I like the fake licence plate that says Bella.

At the Chamber of Commerce they told us that if you go around behind the "hospital" they have a parking space reserved for Dr. Cullen. So we were able to park in Dr. Cullen's parking space. I hope there wasn't an emergency while we were parked there.
This is my favorite picture! Can anyone guess who this is? It's Chief Swan! Okay, it's really not Charlie but it is the Police Chief. We were in this store and they said "Go over to the police station and ring the bell and tell them that you are Twilighters and that you want to see the Chief. " They said he would come out and you can meet him and he will give you key chains and pens, well, they were right! We did it and he was awesome!
I felt like I was in high school again because this is totally the thing me and my crazy friends would have done. It's good that I have Elizabeth to do this kind of thing with.
Anyway, Elizabeth and I stood outside the door to the police station for about 5 mins. thinking about how dumb we were being and how we didn't want to ring that bell. I'm glad we did.
According to the Chamber of Commerce all of the policemen in town will answer to Charlie.
Well, I had a great time and I hope this post isn't too long.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cousins and the Park

So, my cousin Jason and his wife Amanda came to visit last Saturday. I haven't seen them in quite some time and Jordan had never met Jason (although he had met Amanda). They both attended school at BYU-Idaho and really wanted to see the changes and the Temple. They have been living in Boise for a few years and recently got a promotion and have to move to Ohio. They brought their son with them. His name is Grant and is really cute. He and Shelby had a lot of fun playing while his parents went to the Temple. We liked having a friend for Shelby. Too bad they are moving so far away!

A few days ago Shelby and I were going to meet our friends at the park. Something happened and they were not able to make it. Shelby and I played for about an hour, it was an unusually warm day and Shelby's cheeks were getting really red so we left to get some juice. Before we left though, I got some good pictures of her. She really loved the slide and I was told that when she was at the toddler lab on Friday that she would go up and slide down over and over again. I guess we need to go to the park more often.