Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sewing projects

Lately I've been sewing for my girls. My friend gave me a bag of clothes that were headed to DI (don't ever get rid of clothes). I looked through all of them and picked out some that I wanted to start with. Here are some things that I made.
Here are some shorts that I made for Shelby. Addie is going to get a pair just like them. These were made from a pair of pj pants.

I don't know why these pictures didn't turn but I made this dress out of a man's shirt. It had an interesting pattern to it. I added a little ribbon in the front to make it look cuter. Shelby loves it wear it.

This was a shirt that I cut in half (width wise) and reattached it. I then cut it up the front and sewed it up to make a shrug. Now, if I can keep Shelby from taking the ribbon out every time she wears it that would be great.
I just realized that all of the projects I've been working on have been for Shelby. My next installment will have to be about Addie.
This skirt is something my mom bought at DI. We thought it was so pretty we couldn't pass it up. It will make a really pretty dress for . . .Who? Shelby. Here is what I'm thinking.