Monday, July 27, 2009


Last week was a crazy one for us. We decided that we would paint our house ourselves so that we could save a little money and move our kitchen from the front of the house to the back. If I had known how much work it was I might have seriously rethought that decision. We were very fortunate to have friends and family help. Jordan's dad was with him almost every night (sometimes until 1am), his mom watched Shelby so I could go and help during the day, his brother came up from Utah to fill nail holes (I think one of the worst jobs), a few friends from around here came to help, and our good friends from Logan came up for the weekend to finish up the painting. Needless to say by the end of it all, we were exhausted! Jordan slept for at least 11 hours straight yesterday and he could have slept more. He even slept through church!
Anyway, here is what our house looks like now on the outside.Here are some pictures of what the inside is looking like. I need to take pictures of the finished painted rooms.

Jordan hard at work. He said I needed to take this picture so people knew that his dad didn't do all the work.

This is the finished wall that Jordan was working on.

Here is our finished bedroom. I'm a little afraid of the color but we'll see what it looks like with carpet and furniture.
This is our good friend Matt, he and his wife came up this weekend to help us paint. Can you tell we got bored? This is Whitney's heart.
Here is Matt's drawing. That's a lot better than I could do. If you look at the wall just right you can still see the "monster." By the way, he's eating chocolate because this room looks like a big chocolate bar. The paint looked good enough to eat.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update on our house

The day that Shelby and I went to California I took a picture of our new house. It looked like this:
When we came home a week later it looked like this:

Later that day they actually finished roofing it. They move so fast with our house it's hard to keep up. I went to my friend's house yesterday (she lives next door), we went down to Idaho Falls and when we came back they had poured the cement for the porch.

Jordan walked through the house with the builder on Monday and it sounds like it is really moving! It should be getting sheet rock tomorrow and it will be ready for paint on the 20th of this month. That was good to know because Jordan is going to be doing all the painting himself. We bought all of our paint on Saturday, it was crazy! I have never seen so much paint (except in the store).

I know that I have neglected to let everyone know the particulars of our house so here we go: It is 3 bedroom, 2 bath. The finished sq footage is almost 1400 sq ft. The total sq footage is 2500 sq ft. When our house is completely finished it will have 2 more bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a laundry room, and a family room. That seems to be it. We can't wait for it to be finished. They told us that it should be finished around the first week of September. Wish me luck because the baby is due August 29th!