Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This year for Halloween we decided to go to a pumpkin Patch to get our pumpkins. There is one in Idaho Falls and so for FHE we took a trip down there. It was actually really fun! They have a train (that Shelby thought was wonderful), a cute red barn, and enough pumpkins for the whole state of Idaho. They were trying to clear them out so we got a really good deal, two huge pumpkins, one Sweet pumpkin, and a tiny pumpkin all for $10. This farm is run by a few teenage boys and their grandpa. They are using this money to finance their missions and their schooling, so how could you not support that?

Shelby has been kind of sick this past week but since she didn't get to go trick or treating last year (due to being in the hospital) we had to let her go this year. She dressed as a cat and was very cute. Addilyn didn't really dress up, she's a little too young for trick or treating, maybe next year. She stayed home with me and passed out candy.

For dinner on Halloween night I decided to make pumpkin stew in a pumpkin shell. I thought it was delicious. Jordan liked it but he didn't eat any of the pumpkin. Oh well, his loss. We still had a fun time and Shelby ended up getting a little bit sicker because of her late nights but I'm sure she would say it was worth it.