Sunday, April 25, 2010


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This week for Jordan's birthday we took a trip up to Jackson, Wy. On the way we began to notice that there were quite a few Subarus. We began to count in Victor, ID and by the time we got to our hotel we had counted over 70. On the way back we decided to count right from the start of our trip back. We filled up with gas (because it was 10 cents cheaper in Jackson) and then began to count. From Jackson to Tetonia which is about 41.56 miles according to Mapquest we saw a total of 127. That comes out to about 3 a mile. I think that Subaru has taken over that part of the world! What is the appeal for people who live in that area? I am dying to know! I am not a fan of them myself but if there is something extra special about them I would be willing to consider one.

We looked really out of place because we were not driving a Subaru. We were driving this:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jordan's projects

Jordan has been very busy these days. He loves to come home from work, eat dinner, and then go straight out to the garage to work on one of his projects. Here is his new Mustang. It's a 1968 and it looks like it needs a lot of work but I have been told it's not as bad as his dad's car.
The guy who Jordan bought it from stripped the car, see all of those rubber maids in the car? There are 6 of them and they have all of the parts for the car. Talk about a true basket case!

You should see how diligent Jordan is! He goes out there almost every night and it's almost ready for primer. He is trying to get this car done so that we can sell it and finish part of our basement. I'm just happy right now he doesn't want to keep it. I don't know where we would put another car.

Here is his other project. He is helping his dad on his Mustang and they just painted it last week. Jordan and his dad did all of the prep work (bondo, primer, etc.) and Jordan's friend painted it. The paint is so shiny and pretty. You can almost see yourself in it.Jordan's goal was to get it painted before his dad's birthday and it was done about 2 hours before his birthday. It's all down hill from here. Now, it's just reassembling the car.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun Pictures of Addie

Addie is starting to be a little ham. She loves the camera and she is in a really cute stage right now. here are some cute pictures of her.Here she is one Sunday afternoon at Jordan's parents house. She is just starting to like the jumper.

I really wanted to get a picture of her hair. It's starting to grow out and the color is so pretty. I used some gel and made a mohawk. I wanted to get a picture of the side of her head but since she is such a ham she wouldn't quite smiling at the camera long enough for me to get a picture.

She has started sitting up and is almost ready to crawl. She has a blast on the floor now. She has made a great addition to our family. I'm continually amazed that Shelby loves her so much. She hugs her and kisses her and plays with her a lot.