Friday, September 26, 2008

New Job!

So, Jordan and I have been looking for a house. We like houses that are WAY too expensive than we can afford (of course). We found out how much we can afford today and I was feeling pretty bad about it and then about an hour later I get a call from the Sugar-Salem school district offering me a job that I had interviewed for earlier this week. I really didn't think much of it when I interviewed for it because I had applied about 9 months ago and then forgotten anything about it. Anyway, I'm going to be working at Central Elementary School from 7:55am- 12 noon. I start right after Harvest Break and after I come home from Washington. I'm pretty excited about it! Here's a picture of the school but it doesn't look this bad in real life.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Flour Mishaps and the Zoo

Today Shelby got into the flour. Jordan's grandmother and I were downstairs discussing sewing machines and Shelby got away and went upstairs. She opened the flour drawer and tried to drink out of the flour sifter. I think she looks pretty awesome and I think she was pretty proud of herself.

Another exciting thing that happened today was that Jordan got a promotion! He is now the Parts Manager at Rexburg Motor sports! He has been working there for about 2 1/2 years and we couldn't be happier! We get to start looking at houses for real now!

Jordan and Shelby are in the petting zoo portion of the Idaho Falls zoo. This goat came up and put his foot on Jordan's leg. It was pretty cute!Here is my little baby bird. Shelby climbed into this nest. She loves the Zoo!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mustang Show

This weekend we went to Park City for a family reunion and for the Mustang Show. Jordan, his brothers and his dad all read Mustang Monthly and they had a show in Park City so we decided to make a family reunion out of it.
No one brought their Mustangs but we still had fun! Next year we will be more fun because hopefully we will have all the mustangs there.
This slide show is from the show.Hail the conquering heroes! They just finished riding the Alpine Coaster. They had a lot of fun!

Here we are riding the chair lift up to the Alpine Slide. I thought Jordan was going to ride the Alpine coaster and the Alpine Slide but to be nice to me he decided to just ride the coaster so I wouldn't be bored. While he was on the coaster I decided I would ride the slide with him. So, it turned out we didn't ride anything together. Oh well, it was still fun!

Monkeys jumping on the bed!
Zoie and Shelby were jumping on the bed while I was singing "two little monkeys jumping on the bed
one fell off and bumped her head. . ."
Right after I sang that part Shelby fell off and bumped her head.
I think if she were a little bit older she would have made me call the doctor.
So needless to say, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"