Friday, November 26, 2010

Winter List- #1

I finished one thing on my winter list! It was the easiest but it's a step in the right direction! Shelby and I built a snowman. We haven't put a carrot or anything on him but we will get to that. Here is a picture of our fun.This is what Addie does while we built our snowman. She does this almost anytime we are out in the snow.

Monday, November 22, 2010

View from our window

Yesterday it started snowing as we were walking out of church and it stopped this morning about 9 or 10am. This was the view from our window this morning.

We are snowed in!!!!! Okay, that's not entirely true we did take Jordan to work this morning but we are not going anywhere else today.

Another thing I did today was make a little girl very happy. I went down into the craw space and got some old baby clothes out. My plan was and still it to cut down some of them to make baby clothes for her doll. It turns out that her doll happens to be the same size as a premie baby. Here is a picture of the proud mommy and baby.

I did rotate this picture so i don't know what happened. Anyway, Shelby could not be happier. I also pulled out a burp rag and some socks. If you want to make an almost 4 year old very happy, pull out some baby clothes!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween and other news

This year for Halloween Shelby was Tinkerbell (and I made her costume) and Addie was a flower. Shelby kept telling me that she was going to help Addie grow like Rosetta does. She's really into the Tinkerbell movie. So, here are some pictures of them in their costumes.

In other news, Addie is now a walker! She started about 3 weeks ago. You can't tell in this picture but that little devil is walking around. She knows that she is hot stuff and is pretty proud of herself. We are too, of course. It took her 14 months to do it, which I think was faster than Shelby by a month or two. Anyway, It's been fun having her in our family.