Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The end of Eat From Your Pantry

So, I finally went to the store last night and I was worried I would go overboard. I didn't but we really needed some food! I am happy to report that I made it! I spent less than $50 on food last month. In fact the grand total was $46. I really surprised myself. When I made the goal I immediately thought that I should have done at least $75. But, I had already posted it so I decided to stick with my $50. The only things I bought were milk, eggs, butter and a few other things. I even bought ice cream. I have to say coupons helped a lot, one day I went to the store and spent $3 but got two very full bags of groceries. Anyway, this challenge was a success and I am planning on doing it again. . . just not anytime soon.