Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving with the Frisby Family

This year for Thanksgiving all of Jordan's brothers and sister and their families came to Rexburg to spend time together and of course to eat good food. Before we had dinner most of us decided to go to the ice caves that are about 30 minutes north of town. It was a lot of fun but I am paying the price now! My body feels like it's one big bruise. In fact I have some bruises on my knees, shins, and elbows (from crawling). Anyway, it was nice to spend time with the family and I will be sad to see them all go. I forgot what it used to be like with most of Jordan's siblings living at home!
This is just before we went into the cave. Hilary wanted to see how her hair looked with this awesome head lamp on her head. I think that A.J. really makes the picture better!Here is Ashlee, Jared, and Jenni at the bottom of a rope that we had to climb down. I had a hard time climbing down and then of course I had to climb up. I am not built for this kind of activity.

Here is Jordan and his dad, Craig, in the cave. Look how cool the ceiling looks.

In this picture Matt and Zoie were going to go down the ice slide at the end of the cave. It was pretty interesting because Jared was handing Zoie to Matt and they started to slip but being a great uncle, Jared sacrificed his body to save Zoie. He had to push her up to Matt just as he fell. And, this happened. . . .Jared landed in a pool of water. He was pretty cold for the rest of the time in the cave.
Here is Ashlee inside the cave. See all the graffiti? It's sad to see this beautiful place so messed up.This picture was taken in the second cave. Zoie and I stayed outside because we were both too tired to go through this one. We had fun sitting in the car and talking. There is never a dull moment with that 5 year old! This is a picture of Jared with Matt behind him. Jordan said that this is spot where A.J. fell into quite a bit of water. According to Craig it was about time because he was getting pretty mouthy. This is Jenni, Ashlee, and Craig coming out of the second cave. They actually climbed up right where I was standing.

This is just a few of us when we were about to go home. Starting from the left: Jared, Jenni, me, Jordan, and Craig. Don't you like my awesome DI overalls? I thought they would be a lot better in a cave than regular pants because they won't slide down and I probably wouldn't get an ice burn on my back. I actually hate this picture of me but it's okay.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The sadest Halloween a kid could have

We had an interesting thing happen this Halloween. Shelby had been sick the whole week and I kept telling her that if she didn't get better then she couldn't go Trick or Treating. Well, She never got better and it really started to worry me. I got home from work on Thursday and decided to take her to the doctor. I called at 2pm and they said they could get us in at 3pm. Shelby was still at Grandma's house so I called over there to say I was on my way. I found out that she needed new clothes because she had thrown up (again!) and so I loaded up all my stuff and took off.
Shelby's doctor is in Idaho Falls so I knew I would be cutting it close. We did get there in time and as the doctor started looking at her he told me that there could be a few things wrong with her. One, She could have Strep Throat, or two, she could have a urinary tract infection. They did those tests and they both came back negative. The doctor said she was obviously dehydrated and he wanted to give her fluids and take some blood to see if there was anything seriously wrong with her.
So, off to the hospital. Shelby got to spend the night at EIRMC. She had to have lots of fluids and have an x-ray taken and of course her blood taken. I was exhausted by the time it was all done. Luckily, Jordan was able to take Friday (Halloween) off and he stayed the night with her. Here are some pictures of her hospital stay.
This picture was taken on my phone. I didn't think it was too bad considering. This is just a few hours after they put in her IV. Look how huge it is!
Shelby and Grandma on Halloween. Just about an hour before we broke out of the hospital.
Shelby asking her dad "Please!"

Shelby and Jordan at IHOP after we were released from the hospital. It's amazing what fluids will do to a kid who was really dehydrated! The doctor concluded that She had Rota virus which kids get vaccinated for but they still get sometimes. It last for 5-7 days and tomorrow will be the 7th day. I hope this stops soon. She's not dehydrated anymore but it's hard to get her to drink and she still throws up.
Doctor's orders were that Shelby could not go Trick or treating. He said she should stay in the house and pass out candy (but not get too close to kids). So here she is at Grandma's house looking for the kids. Why haven't they come yet? My favorite is the little blond hair sticking out the back of the hat.
Here is my little flower. She is sitting on Grandma's stairs waiting for those trick or treaters.