Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family Pictures

The last time my parents were here (at the end of May) we had family pictures taken. Here is just a preview of what she took.
Shelby is starting to look so grown up! Here she is by an old red shed out in the country near Rexburg.
Addie looks so innocent. This is by far my favorite picture of her. By the way, that headband is from the Toasted Coconut. If you haven't looked at her stuff check her out on Etsy.

This one is a keeper. It's going to be on our wall soon!


Andrea said...


Kendra said...

Oh my goodness... Look how big the girls are! What a cute family!!! How old is Shelby now?

Bernie said...

Shelby is 4, she will be 5 in december. I can't believe it!

Just the THREE of us said...

great pictures!!! your girls are adorable! you picked cute outfits for everyone!

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