Monday, January 2, 2012

Shopping trip #1

As the second day of the new year dawned (okay, before it dawned) I headed to Albertson's. They had double coupons and there were just a few things that I wanted. Here is the list of things that I purchased:
2 bottles of juice
2 bottles of olive oil
2 gallons of milk
4 packages of hot pocket snackers
My total was: $11.88

Later in the day I headed off to Idaho Falls to go to Target. I only purchased 2 things:
2 Lunchables
Total: $1.00
So my grand total for the first shopping day was: $12.88

Not too bad! I hope I can stay close to this total for every week in 2012!


Camille said...

So surprised at the total for Albertsons, 11.88 with milk and olive oil is impressive! amazing!

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roth phallyka said...

milk and olive oil is impressive! amazing!

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